Oli mesin keruh bikin kerak lumpur di mesin

Penulis sebelumnya pernah klaim bahwa oli yang lebih mahal tidak selalu lebih bagus. Ada yang protes dengan bilang bahwa oli royal purple itu mahal dan bagus. Oli ini harganya lebih dari dua ratus ribu per liter.

Namun penulis curiga karena di foto saat menuangkan oli, terlihat warna oli itu tidak jernih.
Menuang oli Royal Purple

Sepengetahuan penulis, oli yang tidak jernih itu biasanya menghasilkan lumpur atau kerak di mesin. Penulis menyimpulkan ini dari testimoni soal oli Top One yang banyak yang bilang menimbulkan kerak atau lumpur. Penulis melihat sendiri bagaimana motor Suzuki Smash yang kurang dari 10km saat dibongkar mesinnya bisa hitam semua. Selain itu ada keluhan knalpot jadi ngebul setelah ganti oli top one.

Berdasarkan pengetahuan tersebut, penulis jadi ragu terhadap oli Royal Purple walau harganya mahal sekali. Apalagi peruntukan oli Royal Purple yang seringkali lebih untuk balap dan bukan untuk harian.

Dan setelah searching google, penulis menemukan beberapa sharingan berikut ini. Ada video yang menunjukkan bahwa oli Royal Purple menghasilkan lumpur di mesin pada mesin yang jalan 10 ribu km.

Dari deskripsi dan komentar dikatakan

The motor had 10K miles on the rebuild, which consisted of new pistons, rods, bearings, etc etc. The whole 9 yards. The motor was built for a lower compression turbo build. But yes, the oil pan and block were a bit older than that, however, they were cleaned professionally prior to the rebuild. This is the truth- I am not slanging some oil competitor here- just relaying my experience.

This oil was put in when the motor had 6-8K miles. Before that, it had Mobil 1. The motor had a total of 10K miles on it when the pan was dropped. I wasn’t very clear on that in the description.

Dikatakan sebelum menggunakan oli Royal Purple, mesin menggunakan Mobil 1 sampai 7000km. Ada kemungkinan itu terjadi karena bercampurnya sisa oli Mobil 1 dan Royal Purple.

Berikut testimoni testimoni lain:
LS1TECH – royal purple = sludge

STALL UP: I just pulled my oil pan today and I must of had a 1/4in of thick black nasty tar like sludge in the pan the pick up tube had tar like residue on it and the screen was about a 1/4 blocked with sludge. I ran mobil 0ne for the first 10-15k miles and then royal purple from there untill 48K miles and changed the oil every 3,000 with a ac delco filter.

cracker: I have seen this on LSX based motors and mod motors alike. Ive had customers come in and tell me theyve run nothing but RP for the life of their motors. They look like black goo throughout.

I will never support or put any Royal Purple products in any vehicle. Ive seen too many issues with their products. Mobil 1, Torco, or Castrol non synthetic for break in periods.

Brains: I’ve seen the same thing with RP. I almost refused to do a heads/cam swap on a guy’s car once, the drainback holes in the heads were full of thick goo. I put some in a baggie for him to look at, and needless to say he was VERY shocked, and switched oils immediately after. On one of our personal vehicles, it only took 2000 miles of RP to take a previously spotless motor, and coat it in a burned flaky purplish mess on the inside of the timing cover.

linn.35: I had purple sludge in my heads from royal purple. i have since put new heads on my car and switched oil. i now use amsoil.

great421: OK, I cannot comment on the RP but w/ respect to Amsoil (a product I like BTW!) my step-father (a Master Mechanic) told me about a guy who had his oil changed at the GM dealership every 5K; but per his request they used Amsoil that the customer / owner provided.

After 30K miles the engine had to be rebuilt and when they took the valve covers off and the oil pan every thing was coated in a thick layer of sludge!

DFW LX CLUB | Forum > MODERN MOPAR GARAGE – Royal Purple sludge?!?!

Rev Scorpion: I have a 2004 Tahoe in the shop that just lost the engine due to sludge buildup (clogged the pickup tube and lost oil pressure)…
All this guy has run in this engine for at least the last 8 years (that I can confirm) is Royal Purple oil with a Wix filter.
I know this because I have done every oil change at right at 5K miles every time.

I pulled the pan down and it is solid sludge… and a lot of metal shavings…

08daytona: I used to use on my old truck. Every time I would change my oil I would notice a creamy froth like substance on the bottom of the oil fill cap. Don’t know if its the same thing or not. Never had any issues engine wise tho. It had 140k miles on it when I sold it

razorx:They always talk about Synerlec. Most Advanced, Unsurpassed Performance etc. This is the ingredient that we believe to be synterlec:

It is a combination of Viscosity indexers, Boron and Molybdenum Disulfide. This leaves the purple blue slime that sticks to the parts that combines particles and carbon to stick to it. Over time, this slime doesn’t dissolve but can build up and produce the situation that you described in the earlier statement from your friend. Lower zinc and Phosphorous with moly and boron is what they use. We don’t like nor use moly or boron in our QB.

Todays engines run excessively hot and because of that, you really don’t want ANYTHING that will sinter or cook out of the oils plating to the surface.

Rev Scorpion: here is all I can tell based on my recent experience…

The engine is destroyed, but blame that on a person driving it home with no oil pressure (literally none – the gauge read ZERO). He tried to tell me that he thought that the sending unit was bad, but this engine was knocking like crazy, so he is full of poop.

Pulled the pan down and one valve cover…

Pan was severely sludged – so much so that the oil couldnt drain. Inside the pan was easily 1/4″ of buildup. Not the usual hard carbon buildup either… it was a sticky, gummy slime. The bottom of the pan had easily 1″ of garbage in it.
The pickup tube was almost solid from build up – had to be replaced.
The oil filter passages were caked with it as well…

The crank and counterweights were slightly sludged but not too bad.

The interesting thing (to me) is that the valve covers and heads were almost spotless – no sludge other than what got carried up from the oiling system.

Gonna start paying more attention when I see other cars that we do RP oil changes in.

Dari sharingan diatas sepertinya problem lumpur oli terjadi makin parah bila sebelumnya pakai oli lain. Ada juga sharingan yang klaim bahwa bahan yang membuat oli lebih lengket ke permukaan mesin berpotensi membuat lumpur atau kerak mesin. Karena mesin modern temperaturnya bisa sangat tinggi, bahan yang membuat oli lebih lengket ke mesin jadi akhirnya membuat oli lebih kental atau justru menimbulkan kerak.

Masalah mulai terjadi saat lumpur mulai menyumbat saluran oli, yang terkadang ukurannya kecil, hanya bisa mengalirkan oli dengan kekentalan 40 atau kurang.

Menariknya Royal Purple punya produk khusus untuk membersihkan lumpur atau kerak oli. Dari yang penulis tahu, pabrikan oli lain tidak punya produk untuk flush oli.

Royal Flush • Oil Circulation System Cleaner

Royal Flush can be used in three ways:
– Royal Flush can be added to an existing oil to clean varnish and sludge from equipment prior to draining the existing oil.
– Royal Flush can be used as a temporary oil fill to clean varnish and sludge from equipment before refilling with new Royal Purple oil.
– Royal Flush can be used as a temporary oil fill for cleaning and flushing a polyglycol oil that is incompatible with the new oil to be used (i.e. when changing from a polyglycol oil to a Royal Purple PAO or para-synthetic oil).

Poin yang terakhir ini yang sangat menarik karena secara tidak langsung menyebutkan bahwa mencampurkan oli polyglycol dengan oli Royal Purple PAO bisa menyebabkan kerak.

Ada juga yang menduga bahwa oli Royal Purple tidak lulus API service.
royal purple tidak lulus API

Dari keterangan website resmi API:

API’s Engine Oil Quality Marks—the API Service Symbol “Donut” and Certification Mark “Starburst”—help consumers identify quality engine oils for their gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

The API Service Symbol “Donut” is divided into three parts:

The top half describes the oil’s performance level.
The center identifies the oil’s viscosity.
The bottom half tells whether the oil has demonstrated energy-conserving properties in a standard test in comparison to a reference oil.

api certified mark

The API Certification Mark “Starburst” is designed to identify engine oils recommended for a specific application (such as gasoline service). An oil may be licensed to display the Starburst only if the oil satisfies the most current requirements of the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) minimum performance standard for this application (currently GF-5 for passenger cars)

Jadi oli hanya boleh menampilkan logo API Starburst kalau beneran sudah disetujui oleh American Petroleum Institute. Oli Royal Purple buatan amerika tapi di bungkus tidak ada tanda itu.

royal purple 10W40_-_1royal purple10W40_-_Blkg

Saya coba lihat foto di toko online Indonesia memang tidak ada tanda API starburst. Kalau oli buatan Indonesia sih walau ada starburstnya nggak yakin beneran.


Intinya, penulis menganjurkan untuk menghindari oli yang warnanya tidak bening.

6 respons untuk ‘Oli mesin keruh bikin kerak lumpur di mesin

  1. selain Top 1, oli federal ultratec pun sama.
    ketika rantai kamrat diganti terlihat bahwa daleman mesin berwana hitam.

    tapi entah merusak atau tidak, soalnya banyak para pemilik sepeda motor yg menggunakan oli ini bertahun-tahun namun tidak ditemukan kerusakan pada mesin.


    • lumpur itu rasanya terjadi kalau oli tidak melarutkan kotoran. jadi bisa terjadi pada oli yang warnanya tetap bening walau sudah lama juga. pembersih kuat tapi daya larut kurang,

      sementara itu warna hitam terjadi karena anti oksidasinya kurang dan olinya sudah tidak mampu lagi membersihkan.

      bila ganti periodik, mungkin tidak rusak, tai cuma aus saja / suara mesin kasar.


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