Rossi ternyata sudah putus asa soal motornya yang sangat berbahaya di sirkuit basah

Di balapan di Sepang kemarin Rossi mengalami kesulitan mengendarai di sirkuit basah.

Bahkan sampai ngomong begini:
Valentino Rossi: Yamaha MotoGP bike dangerous and impossible in wet

“We didn’t have any grip, it is very difficult to ride the bike, also very dangerous,” said Rossi. “You had the clear feeling that if you try a little bit more you crash, like I did in Motegi. On Friday in the wet I had some problems but I was sixth. We modified the bike a lot and I was optimistic that would work but unfortunately I had exactly the same problem as on Friday. This bike in the wet is very difficult to ride. It’s impossible. We don’t have grip and to go like this, you risk very much.

Intinya mengendarai motor di sirkuit basah itu dianggap mustahil oleh Rossi. Di paksa sedikit bisa crash.

Problemnya dijelaskan berikut ini:
MotoGP Sepang: No wet improvement from Yamaha since Silverstone

“We knew we could be strong on the dry, but on wet conditions we keep on struggling too much. On Friday we were sixth so we tried everything on the bike, we changed completely the setup, but in vain. It was a demanding race and we struggled so much for the lack of the rear grip,” said Rossi, speaking at the track.

“It’s not comfortable to ride with the feeling that If you push too much, you finish in the gravel. So I tried to remained focused and finish the race earning as many points as possible. The tyres? Even compared to last season, this year it has been difficult with the Michelin and the problem is that we don’t have the solution.”

Is Zarco’s podium on the 2016 M1 is a signal that the development went in the wrong direction? “The potential of the bike is not bad. The problem is the tyres don’t work properly. At the beginning of the season we suffered many problems, there was an improvement. We are using this bike from Silverstone. The good point is that we understood important things on dry conditions.

Intinya di sirkuit basah ban belakang itu nggak ngegrip. Mereka nggak bisa cari solusinya walau sudah berkerja sama dengan Michelin.

Memang rasanya sudah penyakit kalau motor lebih berat di depan ban belakang selip saat akselerasi. Mungkin ini sebabnya pada melepas winglet.

Tapi melepas winglet akan mengurangi grip ban depan saat di tengah tikungan. Grip ban depan kurang ini yang sepertinya membuat Dovizioso melebar nggak bisa cepat kembali sehingga mudah disalip Marquez dari dalam:

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