2 alasan mengapa pengaspalan ulang sirkuit Silverstone membuatnya beresiko keluar dari kalender F1 dan MotoGP

Pembatalan balapan MotoGP Inggris minggu kemarin gara gara hujan membuat sirkuit Silverstone kena hujat. Bahkan bosnya Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta pun mengancam kalau Silverstone nggak diaspal ulang lagi, Inggris dalam posisi tidak aman di kalender MotoGP tahun depan. Berikut komentarnya ketika ditanya apakah sirkuit silverstone bakal keluar dari kalender balapan MotoGP:
Silverstone must resurface again to safeguard MotoGP deal

If they redo their asphalt and it is homologated, not at all

Yang bikin masalah adalah pengaspalan ulang sirkuit Silverstone yang barusan dilakukan:

2018 marks our 70th anniversary, and as a birthday present we have treated ourselves to a makeover! We are resurfacing our whole track from the start line to the finish. The track was last fully resurfaced in 1996, and from years of use by different race series from Formula 1 to MotoGP, it had a few bumps, uneven surfaces, and different age asphalt sections, so the new asphalt will help to improve the racing by providing a much smoother surface to compete on. We expect that the new surface will allow all race series to be attacking the track, exploiting their cars and bikes to their full potential and break lap records throughout the season!

Biarpun disebut lebih baik, tapi banyak yang protes. Alasan pertama adalah ternyata lintasannya masih nggak rata. Yang protes pertama itu para tim dan pembalap F1.
Silverstone may need another new surface to fix F1’s “micro-bumps” problem

Lewis Hamilton said “the people they hired did the worst job ever” after driving the track on Friday and compared the surface to the Nurburgring Nordschleife. While Fernando Alonso claimed the track was no worse than last year, most drivers commented on the severity of the bumps. FIA race director Charlie Whiting said he passed their remarks on to Silverstone and said the track’s “unusual” surface may require some attention.

Lewis Hamilton bilang yang ngerjakan pengaspalan ulang kerjanya payah. Driver lain bilang bumpnya parah. Race director FIA juga bilang permukaan aspal butuh dicek.

Di sesi latihan MotoGP juga pada protes lintasan yang bumpy tersebut, termasuk Marc Marquez:
Opinion: Silverstone has no excuse for MotoGP cancellation

“If the people who resurfaced the track were paid some money, they have to think about it,” said Marc Marquez, after first practice on Friday.

One crew chief from a major Moto2 team added: “After checking the data of the first session, I thought that the suspension device had been damaged. The effect of the bumps was tremendous. “In fact, I even compared the data with teammate’s bike to check if everything was right.”

Marc Marquez bilang yang dibayari mengaspal ulang harusnya mikir. Sementara itu kepala kru salah satu tim Moto2 bilang ia sampai berpikir alat sensor rusak dan membandingkan dengan datanya rekan satu tim.


Lalu alasan kedua soal air menggenang. Race director MotoGP, Mike Webb yakin banget bahwa drainase sirkuit Silverstone itu jelek:
British GP cancellation “direct result of track surface”

Yes, it is a direct result of the track surface. We had a number of years of experience here in very wet conditions recently with the old surface and we’ve been able to run races. This year with the new surface is the first time we’ve encountered quite so much standing water in critical places of the track.

It is pretty straightforward, we have been forced to cancel today’s event due to the track condition. Primarily it is due to water accumulated on the surface and I think you have seen the results of when we’ve been running here in heavy rain, that the circuit in some places is not safe because of the way the water does not drain from the surface.

Ia bilang tahun lalu padahal nggak begitu. Ia yakin pengaspalan ulang yang bikin masalah. Air sampai menggenang di tempat tempat yang kritis. Ia juga bilang sudah terbukti bahwa sirkuit tidak aman pada waktu lintasan dilewati saat hujan deras, karena airnya tidak bisa lari kemana mana.

Sementara itu kepala pengelola sirkuit Silverstone Stuart Pringle bilang itu cuma karena hujannya yang terlalu deras. Drainasenya nggak masalah:
Silverstone defends new track surface after criticism

I don’t think the cancellation was a reflection of the track, it was just the sheer volume of water. In wet warm-up the riders were only 8.5 percent slower than dry times and the norm is 10-15 percent so that indicates a very grippy surface. It wasn’t our decision [to cancel the races] – it was the riders. We had an agreement from Dorna that the teams would race up to dusk. But the riders called the meeting before the scheduled track inspection and, contrary to what we had been told and the weather forecast indicating an improvement in conditions, they were not willing to race.

Sepertinya ia mengesankan pembalapnya penakut padahal genangan air terjadi cuma karena volume air dari hujan terlalu banyak.

Itu artinya si pengelola mengakui bahwa sirkuit silverstone tidak aman kalau hujannya deras.

Padahal rasanya hujan waktu minggu kemarin itu nggak deras deras banget ya? Berikut situasinya pada saat jam tayang Trans 7. Padahal keputusan diambil kira kira jam 9 malam?

Pada saat itu air juga dibantu dibersihkan pakai mobil besar.

Mungkin harus bagian yang membersihkan air itu jangan pakai truk begitu tapi pakai F1.


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