Hand body dan cairan pembersih tangan ternyata bisa merusak dashboard?

Mungkin ini cuma berlaku untuk yang suka menggunakan cairan hand body dan pembersih tangan. Katanya sih cairan pembersih tangan bisa bikin tangan keriput:
Hati-hati, Cairan Pembersih Tangan Bisa Buat Tangan Cepat Keriput

Ternyata selain itu bisa merusak dashboard juga. Dan uniknya yang bilang begini adalah pabrik otomotif Ford:
Ford Warns Hand Sanitizers And Sunscreen Can… Damage Your Car’s Interior?

“From hand sanitizers to sun lotions to insect repellent, consumer trends are constantly changing, and new products are coming on to the market all the time,” said Ford of Europe senior materials engineer, Mark Montgomery. “Even the most innocuous seeming product can cause problems when they come into contact with surfaces hundreds and even thousands of times a year.”

Then you have sun lotions that contain greater quantities of titanium oxide, which can react with plastics and natural oils that are found in leather, especially when in hot temperatures. Meanwhile, diethyltoluamide is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents.

“Sometimes what we do requires a bit of detective work,” said Richard Kyle, a materials engineer. “There were instances of particularly high wear in Turkey and we managed to trace it back to ethanol potentially being a contributing factor, and most likely a popular hand sanitiser that contained 80 per cent ethanol – far higher than anything we’d seen before. Once we knew what it was, we were able to do something about it.”

Disebut bahwa pada hand body dan cairan pembersih tangan ada kandungan yang membuat plastik dan kulit pelapis jok jadi cepat rusak. Yang jadi penyebab utama adalah kandungan ethanol yang bisa mencapai 80%. Juga karena adanya kandungan titanium oxide dan diethultoluamide.

Apa ini relevan di Indonesia?

Jelas tidak. Motor penulis (Honda Beat) yang jadi motor paling populer di Indonesia, plastik dashboardnya sudah jadi jelek banget sejak lama padahal mestinya nggak pernah kena hand body atau cairan pembersih tangan, karena istri penulis sering pakai sarung tangan.

2 respons untuk ‘Hand body dan cairan pembersih tangan ternyata bisa merusak dashboard?

  1. wah, itu sih dari dulu udah jadi wanti2 babeh ane, terutama losion anti nyamuk yang bisa bikin bahan plastik & vinyl jadi seperti terbakar..


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