Pirro tuduh larangan wildcard akibat ulah Honda, Puig sakit hati

Pembalap Michelle Pirro dari DUcati yang rupanya sakit hati karena pembalap wildcard dilarang turun, menganggap larangan ini tidak fair. Bila Honda ingin melarang Lorenzo untuk naik motor Yamaha, maka harusnya cuma Lorenzo saja yang kena:
Pirro thinks Honda may be behind wildcard ban

“I don’t know if it’s a way to make someone pay for something, but I don’t think it’s fair. Maybe Honda wants to make Lorenzo pay for going to Yamaha, but I’m not Lorenzo, who has earned a lot of money and can stay at home. I think I still have a lot to give in MotoGP.”

Manajer Honda, Alberto Puig mengaku sakit hati atas pernyataan ini. Ia bilang bahwa Honda tetap berusaha untuk membuat situasi tim tetap seimbang. Honda tetap menghargai Lorenzo.
MotoGP wild-cards: Honda hurt by Pirro’s ‘make Lorenzo pay’ comments

Pirro’s comments are a shame and quite inappropriate, I do not understand where it comes from.
“We, as Honda, have given up many things that we wanted to do in the future in terms of technical evolution and we have done it for the good of this sport, to maintain equality among all the manufacturers.

“It’s not easy, we are all adapting, from the organisation to the teams, the sponsors and of course also the riders – all with the aim of returning to a World Championship as we know it.

“This is why it hurts us that someone who belongs to a factory team makes these type of comments in such a difficult and critical situation for everyone. I believe that Pirro should know, at Honda we have respect for Lorenzo. We ended last year with him in a good and respectful way and wish him the best for his future.

Bagaimana menurut bro?

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